GreatWhip FAQ


What is the difference between GreatWhip and other brands?

For example, Smartwhip, Fast-Gas, ISI, Whipit and so on are all famous brands.

As a young brand, GreatWhip is full of vitality and its gas quality is equal to theirs. As for the price, because we have good transportation and production channels, we will be more favorable.

How do I submit my ID material?

When you register for our website, you will find a notification to finish your ID chack.

A copy of the ID check requiry will be sent to your email as well, you can click on the link from the email and follow the instructions to complete the ID submission.

Currently, we take a manual check, it may take 1-2 working days to complete the verification.

Why should I sign a letter of Declaration?

Any products containing N2O sold on our site are for catering use only.

To stop any order that has the potential to misuse N2O, you must sign a letter of our declaration promising that your purchase of products containing N2O will only be used for catering purposes , guaranteeing that you will not misuse our products.

What is the content of the declaration letter?

When you checkout for your cart, the declaration letter will be generated online, completed by e-signature. A cpoy of the signed declaration letter will be sent to your email.

Is the product quality qualified? Is it safe to place an order on the website?

We are the official online store of GreatWhip, and our products have passed the international high standard inspection and food grade standards. Payments are protected, every order you make and your information is protected.

Can it be delivered to my place? Logistics and time?

We provide DPD Next Working Day shipment in the UK.

Orders paid by 12:00 noon on a working day,  will be dispatched the same day. If you have any other questions, you can always find customer service in the chat box.