BozerWhip 580G Cream Charger Steel Cylinder


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✅ Filled with ultra-pure N2O, tested at 99.9%.

✅ Nozzle used for releasing the gas for disposal.

✅ Easily installed with GreatWhip pressure regulator.

✅ High-quality coating improves rust prevention.

✅ For Catering use only.


Value for Money

BozerWhip whipped cream charger contains 580 grams of pure, high-quality, food-grade nitrous oxide N2O gas.

When used on a whipped cream dispenser, nitrous oxide turns liquid cream into a frothy, foamy whipped cream to be used on various desserts.  You will be able to imagine the best recipes.



Ultimate Safety:

The nitrous oxide N2O used in the cream charger is food grade, so it is safe for use as a dessert tool.The food-grade N2O gas is well-kept in the steel cylinder and will be safe to use for years to come.

Quality Assurance:

 Its purity can be up to 99.99%! Never worry about the bad chemical taste on your whipped cream chargers.


Stop changing 8g cream chargers each time! 615g cream chargers allow you to charge in a faster manner. By connecting the pressure regulator, you are more easily to access precision and efficiency.


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