Homemade Whipped Cream Novice Set GreatWhip


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✅ New* 100% Aluminum, 40% lighter

✅ 640G and checked for superior quality.

✅ Filled with ultra-pure N2O, tested at 99.9%.

✅ Each tank contains 1 Nozzle used for releasing the gas for disposal.

✅ Easily installed with GreatWhip pressure regulator.

✅ High-quality coating improves rust prevention.


Save much more time on whipping cream.

Novice Cream Tools Include:

640G Aluminum N2O Cylinder *1

500ml Dispenser *1

Regulator *1


>>>   640g Cream Charger Cylinder  <<<

Light Weight

1.5KG / Tank, Contens 640g Pure N2O

Portable and Easier to Carry

Capacity : Larger

Compared with 8g whip cream canisters, it will be more convenient and efficient. There are more ways to use it, providing a better baking and kitchen experience.

NEW Material

640G is made of the aluminum material bottle, without any oily smell, lighter, not rusted, and recyclable. In the process of using whipped cream chargers, it is more comfortable and convenient for cream making. It is currently the most comfortable whip cream charger, more environmentally friendly, more recyclable, and in line with international standards.

Ultimate Safety

The nitrous oxide N2O used in the cream charger is food grade, so it is safe for use as a dessert tool. The food-grade N2O gas is well-kept in the steel cylinder and will be safe to use for years to come.New batch of 640G cream chargers with upgraded gas, higher purity, far exceeding food standards.

How to Use

Piece as a cake!

Homemade Choice Including:

500ml Dispenser *1

8g Cream Charger *24pcs

Great Whip whip cream canisters are incredibly easy to install in any type of shippers.

They are 100% recyclable steel cartridges that are not refillable and boast an exceptionally long shelf life of 5 years with no leakages.

By matching with whip cream dispensers, you get to spare a lot of time for creating those eye-catching whipped cream patterns and foams on your desserts or beverages.

  • Excellent Cleanliness:

Each N2O cartridge is deeply cleaned, filled, weighed, and tested for any possible leakage before the factory. It enjoys a high level of security and performance.

  • Wide Applications

The whippets canister contains up to 8.2g of nitrous oxide, which is enough to whip 1 pint (1/2 L) of liquid/cream. It is widely used in cocktail bars and restaurants for rapid flavor infusions to get out the tasty whipped cream, mousses, foams, or enticing cocktail drinks.


How to Use

Let’s get make delicious cake now!


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500ml Dispenser *1, 8g Cream Charger *24pcs, 500ml Dispenser *1, 640g Cream Charger *1, Regulator *1


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